Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Living the good life...I think

I feel like celebrating. The last day of our 8 week summer holidays. School is back tomorrow. The 'back to school treat' orange choc chip muffins are made, the tabouli is ready, the backpack is suitably updated and decorated, and now I must set my alarm for 6am.

It was a mostly fun, definitely tiring, sometimes boring school break. Eight weeks with three little ones at was difficult sometimes to find a bit of air, some peace and quiet and a chance to restore myself. Someone I admire very much and is so knowledgeable about children said to me....'at this age, their holidays are your horror. You are just tired and sometimes we don't want to be with our kids.' And it's OK.

In between, there was our inaugural camping trip (Cumberland River Holiday Park), a lovely warm holiday in Koh Samui, some fun in Singapore, some playdates, parks and swims. Lots of colouring in, playing in the garden and some art programs. And for me...a couple extra savoured glasses of wine in the evening, retreating on the weekends and swapping stories of frustration with misbehaving children with friends.

So now, having made it, it will be back to the rushed mornings, packing lunch, and getting out the door. And to all the mothers feeling the same feelings tonight....We made it!

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