Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dontcha hate...

Don't you hate reading blogs where the kids play together so beautifully, pick up after themselves and write thank you notes to their mum? And the mum is so, so happy, relaxed and positive that you are left thinking something is wrong with you/your kids?

Well, this is NOT one of those blogs. Man, I am tiiiiirrrrred! This winter is cold already, and we need some sunshine. Another two weeks till end of term and we are off for a much needed trip and warm weather. In the mean time, my kids are tired and cranky after school. My 2 year old would rather serenade me through the baby monitor with nursery rhymes than sleep, and my older girls need a little TLC after school which is near impossible while holding the by then tired and cranky 2 year old. Add in one stretched out mother and it's not pretty. Minor meltdowns are tossed around like a hot potato between all of us. Which leads me to declare....."Help! I need help. "

I like to do things myself when it comes to looking after my kids, but I can't go on like this. NOT. ONE. MORE. DAY.

So, Karolina from Peru is coming tomorrow afternoon to ease the load. I've never met her, but I figure it can't get worse than what it is now.

In brighter news, the girls did enjoy doing this little obstacle course at home this afternoon. Hope you and yours are happy and well.


  1. Yep, I unsubscribed from blogs like that. My kids love each other, but they fight and the house is constantly messy.


  2. Is it bad that that's comforting? But thanks for your support....PS I love your blog, just visited.