Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An easier afternoon...

Finally, the afternoons are getting just a little, teensy bit, easier. A little less fighting and bickering (them). A little less shouting (me).

My tactics:
1. Give dinner as soon as we get home from school (about 4, 4.30pm). Yasmin is STARVING after school and needs to eat ASAP. I don't want to fill them up with silly snacks and would rather they eat a proper meal early and snack after.

Yesterday the girls had lentil soup followed by steamed artichoke. They consider artichoke a treat - they love peeling off each leaf to get to the artichoke heart. Even the 2 year old! Then they had a slice I had made earlier in the day with oats, pistachios, dried cranberries and organic dark chocolate.

2. Have a small activity or a 'plan' ready. Yesterday was the first day of winter in Australia, so I had printed out some 'winter' colouring pages I Googled online. This took me 5 minutes but gave them something to get started on. Then Yasmin and I made snowflakes (very easy - trace circle from a bowl or jar, cut out, fold and cut shapes out). Yasmin loved doing this, it's easy, quick and every snowflake pattern is different.

Meanwhile, Zahara was content painting the 'mountains' inside an empty egg carton. Eventually her and Layla joined forces and did some painting together. I taped butcher paper to our blackboard to give them ample room. Then they got totally into adding more and more paint and mixing the colours - about 10 minutes later things got OUT OF CONTROL with the paint and these were quickly put away! But they loved doing a painting together.

3. Have snacks ready and available while playing. Yesterday's was pre cut vegies and tahini to dip. They devoured these too.

4. Take it easy. During this hour, hour and a half of playing post dinner to pre bath, we take our time. This is the one part of the day they can relax and have some free time at home. The girls usually shower instead of a bath which is quicker and less chaotic as they are in and out.

For tomorrow, I have printed out some colouring in pages, mazes and games from the Eric Carle website (we are big fans). There are so many resources and printables online. Hope you're having a lovely week too.

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  1. I find afernoons much pleasanter when we have dinner early too.