Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Singapore and Bali, one noodle at a time...

I ran out of time before we went away to say, I'm going away! We are in Bali after a four day jaunt with my parents in Singapore. Think - Zara, Universal Studios, Marc Jacobs (drool), playing, swimming and my favourite, watching Zahara eat noodles with one chopstick. Memorable stuff.

Now we are relaxing, unwinding into that slow, easy pace of not doing much poolside. Oh and thank heavens for Kids Clubs. Just one hour is magic. And reading Steady Days, which while my mind is relatively clear, could set me on a path when we come back home.



  1. Hi, I love your blog, we are planning to move to Melbourne soon from the UK and I was wondering if I coul ask you some questions about areas, schools, etc. I have 2 girls aged 8 & 4 years. My e-mail adress is - thank you very much, Claudine

  2. how cool, neat vacation- looking forward to seeing more pics of your travels! I traveled to Singapore last May from California, had never been there before- I really enjoyed my visit (except I didn't know one of the longest zip lines was there! I would have done it!! next trip..) I enjoyed it all except it was the middle of the swine flu hysteria, that part was not fun!

    I've read Steady Days, loved it!