Thursday, July 15, 2010

No banana bread today

Ever have those weeks where you hear so much bad news around you, it makes you really stop and think. It shakes you, makes you hug your kids a bit tighter, or go back in after you've said goodnight to say 'I love you' again?

A terrible accident involving a young teenager from my girls' school, and some I discovered in the blog world. Well, it just seems a little trivial today to be posting about banana bread or dress ups. I'll leave you the links so you can read yourself. One involves a gorgeous mum called Marija whose blog, Holding Court, is about design, family and interiors. Suddenly her husband has posted informing his wife's readers that his wife has been killed in a car accident two days earlier.

At the very least, these terrible things always make me stop, take a breath and appreciate what we have. Our health, our family, our little sweet people and a pretty good life. And knowing that what seems to be so steady, even mundane at times, can be turned upside down in an instant. So, hug each other a little tighter, say your I love you's and be happy.

Wishing you only happy days.


  1. I just read the beautiful post Mr. Court wrote about Marija. Needless to say, I am crying, wishing Ev was not out of town and I could give him a hug. Life is so precious. I am reminded to love my husband, my friends and my family everyday. Thank you for your post, No Banana Bread Today.

  2. I just read your post, and then went to read Mr. Court's post. Talk about putting life into perspective! I am ashamed at the way I've been behaving over the past couple of days because of a cold and some random family squabbling. Thank you for your post, and reminder that life is not lived in the petty disappointments, but the fullness of the relationships we share. Be blessed today!