Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Sunday

I'm never sure which is more tiring, the Monday to Friday school, pick ups and afternoons routine, or the relentless, intense family time together on the weekends. The weekends are definitely less lonely of course, with a partner to share the load, but still nonstop. I tend to spend more time with my older girls and let my toddler spend some fun time with her Daddy.

Here are a few things we try to do on the weekends:
1. Stay home. Let the girls stay in their pyjamas and draw, paint, play Uno or whatever. They seem to love doing this Sunday mornings.
2. Make french toast Sunday morning with left over Challah from Friday night dinner. Yum.
3. Compare milk moustaches and crazy hair during breakfast.
4. Eat nice, homecooked food together. Today I used my Thermomix to whip up some homemade dips. Tzatziki, beetroot dip and smoked trout dip were served with cut up vegies and crackers. Yum. And definitely going on an upcoming family brunch menu.
5. Play in the garden for hours. Play in the sandpit, water the plants and let the girls be as free as they like.
6. Get pizza home delivered on Sunday afternoons and eat in the garden. Enjoy the unseasonal warm autumn weather.
7. And after all that, put the girls to bed by 6.30. I'm pooped!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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