Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little things...

My older daughter seems to know more about recycling than me these days. Every classroom in her school has recycling boxes, and they are encouraged to bring food in containers not disposable bags. My 4 year old in kinder told me about collecting old phones to save the gorillas (I'm still not sure how that works).

At home we recycle, but I have noticed (as I'm the one constantly restocking them) that we go through packets and packets of paper napkins. My six year old is fastidious about having a clean face and my two year old is, well, a two year old, constantly spilling and dripping food all around her which we are hastily wiping up with a ready paper napkin.

So after reading this post on Soulemama, I knew it was time for a change...time for cloth napkins.

And, another reason to browse Etsy...till I found these and these. These beautiful hand crocheted napkin rings are made in Portugal, not too pricey and easy to use for little hands (that I continually request to set our table, mood permitting), colourful and appealing. I will try them with some neutral linen napkins. I think they'll add some more colour and vibrancy to our table.

PS. I played this game with the girls this afternoon at dinner. Each card had the beginning of a sentence which we had to complete, in turn. Eating with a tired, sometimes cranky team of girls aged 2, 4 and 6 years old can be a tad hectic with occasionaly meltdowns. I'm always trying little things to distract them and create a pleasant time at the table...and this was a little fun today. Questions like 'My mum/dad is good at.....' - Yasmin responded, 'My mum is good during reading time' and 'I like when my family' - Layla 'hug and play with me' put smiles on my dial.


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