Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 5 Australian kids books

I've written before about our love for books in this house - the reading nook is still being used daily, and we continue to frequent our local library every few weeks.

One of the best presents I received when I had my first baby was a bundle of books. Among all the tiny jumpsuits and baby blankets, knowing my tiny baby would grow to be a 'kid' and read books gave me some light at the end of that intense, overwhelming newborn stage. And, what a wonderful idea to help start a baby's book collection from birth.

With now three girls in our brood, our love of books is evenly spread. The older one reading to us, the middle one choosing her own books for me to read to her, and the little one reading (in her special way) to anyone that cares to listen.

So, in honour of Anzac Day, here's a round up of our tried and tested, sure-to-be-a-hit, homegrown Australian kids books.

1. Where is the Green Sheep, by Mem Fox. Each of my girls, turn by turn, has loved this book. You will find it in kinders and schools across Australia. Simple and charming.

2.Window, by Jeannie Baker. Beautifully and meticulously illustrated through collage, this book (part of a series with the same message) shows how over time, the same view from a window changes through environmental degradation. This book has no words, so you can have a nice chat with your child as you are turning the pages. We also have Where the Forest Meets the Sea.

3. The Potato People, by Pamela Allen. This author also writes the Mr McGee series which my girls also love. Less words and big pictures create an easy to follow, but funny, story that toddlers and older kids will like.

4. Chatterbox, by Margaret Niland. Little Daisy wouldn't talk even though her mum, dad, brother and nan coaxed her all day long. Cute, whimsical illustrations and adorable story.

5. Hairy MacLary, by Lynley Dodd. Again, the rhyming words and sweet stories with various animals are loved by kids. While I can't claim this book as Australian (the author is from New Zealand), it's also popular here and there about a dozen books in the series.


  1. Stopping from Mom Loop! I will have to look for these books.

  2. They are all great. Very popular in this house!