Thursday, March 25, 2010

Loving a good read

When I was young, a trip to the library was so exciting for me. I loved to read (and was always good at spelling as a result) and used to borrow about 20 books at a time. Of course, in those days I only had about three toys and the excitement of so many 'new' books was very real to me.

And so, although my girls have a room full of books each, I take them every few weeks to the local library, attempting to create a love for books and reading. This afternoon at school pick up, after I announced to Layla and Yasmin we were going to the library, I was met with loud groans. Oh yes, they pretended they didn't want to go. They moaned and complained...till we parked the car. They got out in thirty seconds, racing to the return chute and together, unloaded each book(their favourite part). And after explaining to Layla (again) that no, we won't be borrowing DVDs today, they finally spent some time quietly choosing books and making a lovely pile of stories.

We asked the librarian to help us find some Guiness Book of Records books (Yasmin's favourite) but had to settle for Ripley's Believe it Or Not instead. And, then, in a little quiet reading area, my two little girls sat and gawked at some gross photos of biggest boogers or most piercings or something like that. But at least they were reading....

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