Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little one on one time

I have never appreciated how nice and peaceful it is to have one on one time with my girls till I had my third child (now nearly two). My eldest, Yasmin, calls this 'Mummy time.' She also probably misses it the most, being at school the longest hours.

Whenever I can, I plan my days to allow some one on one time with each child, even if it's 10 minutes. The dynamics are so different with the other siblings absent; no rivalries, no competition, just some special time together. Layla, my (nearly) four old, has one day off kinder, and we spend half a day together, just the two of us. It normally culminates in going out for lunch (Cooper & Milla's is our favourite) but in between that is whatever Layla wants to play at home. Today it was Uno, Operation, and making chocolate chip oatmeal biscuits (easy, delicious and slightly healthy).

During Zahara's nap time, I decided I would read a little. (I had decided dinner would be soft boiled eggs and cut up vegies, therefore allowing myself some rest time too!) When Layla saw me reading in bed, she asked to have her 'quiet time' with me, which I agreed to as long as she would not disturb me. About 40 minutes later, I'd read some of my book and snoozed a little while this relaxed little girl read her two books quietly and beaded a wooden necklace. Beautiful. We lounged in bed a little while longer while she asked me questions burning her mind like 'Mummy, what's your favourite colour?' and 'do you still have milk in your boobies?'.

Last week, I surprised Yasmin by picking her up from school alone, with no sisters in tow. We went off to High Street and enjoyed a pedicure. You can see the look on her face and how happy she was. (The surprised look on her face is when the chair started to move and massage her back.) And don't six year old painted toes look just so darn cute?

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