Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Zahara

Today was a perfectly lovely Autumn day to spend with my newly turned 2 year old girl.

A midweek birthday breakfast, with Nutella on toast for the girls. Excitement reached fever pitch. The wearing of the birthday crown, the birthday table and to Zahara's delight, the reading of her very first, made by Mummy, birthday book. Full of pictures about a tiny baby called Zahara, she loved it.

A day pretty much devoted to her, as she liked it. Pick up new birthday scooter in the morning? Check. Gymbaroo class? Check. Hold Zahara in my arms for half the Gymbaroo class while she refused to participate? Check. Eat two sushi rolls by 10 in the morning? Check. Sing, make a poo and chatter for two hours during nap time? Check.

With my two girls spending some time at their grandmother's after school, Zahara had me all too herself in the afternoon too. Just the way this girl likes it. I tickled her endlessly, blew her bubbles and took for her a walk on my shoulders to pick some flowers.

The day ended with some more singing, choc chip muffins and the final wearing of the 'Z' birthday crown for 2010.

Hope you are enjoying these precious times now too.

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