Saturday, May 8, 2010

What we groove to...or how to make a Kiddie Disco

Sometimes it feels like I have six kids, not three. Noise, excitement and chaos reign. Normally, from 4pm to 6pm, kids are running, scootering (indoors), and asking me what's for dessert all at once. Or (more often), siblings pester and annoy each other, kids are tired and grumpy, with some specially left over, reserved just for mummy, energy and exuberance left over from a day sitting in a classroom.

When things get a little too crazy, I often give in, but try and direct their energy to another activity - the Kiddie Disco. We make some space and we have a big dancefest. Often they will decide they want to dress up. They like me to sit and watch, or if I feel like it, I'll join in with them.

It's an instant mood lifter and suddenly smiles are on everyone's faces. It always works. Plus, they love listening to some adult music and learning the words (and it gives me a break from listening to 'kids' music). I think kids can really love and appreciate adult songs. They enjoy 'visiting' our world sometimes, probably more than we realise.

So, we crank it up and listen to:
Magalenha, by Sergio Mendes
Sunchyme, by Dario G
YMCA, by Village People (with actions)
Blame it on the Boogie, Jackson 5
I Gotta Feeling, by Black Eyed Peas
Wanna be Startin Somethin 2008, with Akon
Hey Ya, OutKast
The Chicken Dance, David Shelley
Rock this Party, Bob Sinclar
That's not my name, The Ting Tings
We are Family, Sister Sledge

After, when I need to wind it back, I found a great album on itunes one day, called 100 Best Relaxing Classics. This has beautiful music (but you'd probably never know what the songs are called), and I'll often put it on while the girls are colouring on or playing (semi) quietly.

We all need to remember to lighten up sometimes. Motherhood is not just about wiping noses, preparing meals and chauffeuring kids around town. And normally, kids are the best people to remind us to let loose and HAVE FUN.

Enjoy xx

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