Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to look after a little sickie

We are all a little rundown at the moment, so the mid term school break couldn't have come at a better time. Zahara woke up with low temperature today, and with everyone sniffling and sneezing...well, the emergency chicken soup was already cooking on our stove by 10am.

Here's what we do when we have little sickies in our house:

Drinks and Food
- Lots of Rooibos tea with Manouka honey. Soothing for sore little throats and keeps everyone hydrated.
- Chicken soup, chicken soup, chicken soup. Soothing, warming and nourishing.
- As well, I like to give my kids any other soups when they are sick as they are more nourishing, contain more fluids and easier to eat and digest than food like sandwiches
- Natural juice icy poles are also handy to keep fluids up.

Activities at home
- Keep things quiet. Books, puzzles and low key playing at home.
- I might allow some playing on the computer too if needed. (Yasmin loves Moshi Monsters.)
- If the sun is shining and it's not windy, some fresh air in your own garden can feel nice after being stuck inside all day.
- Play School (or any other kids DVD) is a wonderful thing. Looking after sick kids is draining on mums (and usually involves carrying the sickie all day) so this gives everyone a break. Watching TV has to be one of the few perks of being sick for kids!

- Dummies and comforters are available when wanted (or needed).
- Give Panadol before each sleep.
- Extra vitamin C and any other supplement or vitamin you can get into your kid. And take some for you too while you're at it.
- Make sure you get plenty of rest too...otherwise you might be next!

Hope everyone is healthy in your house!

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  1. I hope everyone feels better soon!! Make sure to rest, rest, rest! I just found your blog! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

    Mama Hen